Learn 4 Summer


Learn 4 Summer is where YOU can help NCSYers attain the scholarships that they need in order for them to be inspired on one of NCSY’s 17 summer programs that they have applied for.

How it Works: As opposed to a marathon, where participants are sponsored for running, in the Learn-A-Thon participants get sponsored for learning! NCSYers will commit to learning until May 30th, in preparation for Shavuot. This will be raising money for their scholarships towards their NCSY Summer experience, and enabling their Jewish learning and growth throughout the summer.

You can sponsor hours of learning in memory of a loved one or for someone who is ill.

Rules: These rules are designed to make the Learn 4 Summer event fair and enjoyable for all participants.

  • You may only make a profile under one name, and all money raised under that name will go towards ONE person. It is fine if you don’t want that person to be you (e.g. you don’t need a scholarship and are just raising money for a friend participating on NCSY Summer).
  • You may NOT have two profiles.
  • You can ONLY raise money through Learn 4 Summer for NCSY Summer Programs, not any other NCSY programming.
  • You may NOT have a profile that benefits a single group. IE you may not have a profile named “Baltimore Michlelet” and have all money donated towards that profile be split up amongst NCSYers. A profile is for a single individual that has applied for a Summer Program ONLY.

Please note: Money that is raised but not used by this participant for whatever reason (participant is not accepted to the program, participant cannot afford the program, etc.) can be designated for another applicant going on an NCSY Summer program or can be donated to the general summer scholarship fund where it will be made available to applicants needing a scholarship. There will be no refunds of pledges.

All pledges must be paid by May 30th. At that point, all funds received will be considered final, anything raised after that date, please discuss with your summer programs coordinator. You will also have to coordinate payment with your summer programs coordinator in the National office for the remaining balance.

Payment Methods

Pledges can be paid by credit card online or by check. If payment is made by check, it must be made out to NCSY Summer with the Learner’s name in the memo.

NCSY Learn 4 Summer
11 Broadway, 13th Floor
New York, NY 10004

If you send a check for payment, please make sure that you also make the pledge on your learners account so that the pledge will be reflected in his or her overall goal.

Donations are not tax deductible.

NCSY is a 501 [c] 3, however any donations that are made for an individual’s tuition (such as donations through the learn-a-thon) are non-tax deductible.