Learn 4 Summer

Ilana Jach

2 years ago I heard about a program called TJJ that was a 4 week NCSY trip to Israel. I decided to join and it changed my life forever. I have a whole new appreciation and understanding of Judaism. I just recently started keeping Shabbos on a consistent basis. However, I don't want the journey to end here. My amazing advisors told me about another NCSY summer trip called GIVE that sends girls from around the country on a 5 week trip to Israel to immerse ourselves in amazing volunteer work, connecting and helping many Jews in need living in Israel. GIVE will allow me to continue my journey towards connecting more in Judaism and learning about the laws in Judaism in a fun and inspiring environment.
Please consider donating toward my Israel trip and help continue this incredible journey that I started on TJJ 2 years ago. Click on the link below.
Thank you SO much!


  • Anonymous $100.00

    To one of the most inspirational people to go on a tjj bus.

  • Aaron Toledano $20.00

    God luck! keep on being an inspiration to everyone around you!

  • Anonymous $180.00
  • Wengrowe Family $100.00

    You are an inspiration! Have an enjoyable and safe trip

  • Shane Pollack $200.00

    The Pollack's

  • Victoria Peritz $360.00
  • Anonymous $18.00

    keep on inspiring everyone around you!

  • Uri Kozlowski $18.00

    Go get em Ilana!

  • Anonymous $180.00

    So proud of how far you've come, keep the journey going!

  • Elliana Makovsky $18.00

    good luck to my fave ncsyer :)

  • Harry Jach $100.00
  • Anonymous $16.00

    Ilana, you are gonna do amazing this summer!

  • Lea Bekhar $54.00

    To a girl that will accomplish everything she sets her mind up to! Have a meaningful growing summer and keep inspiring the Jewish Future <3