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Shani Locker

Hi! My name is Shani Locker, I am a public school student in Savannah Georgia.

When I was 6 months old my family moved to Savannah as my father started to work as a shaliach for Israel at the JCC. When the time came, I joined a class of 5 at the only Jewish day school in Savannah and in 8th grade I had no choice but to go to a public school due to the lack of a Jewish high school in Savannah.

The transformation between middle school and high school was the point at which I realized how lucky I was to have NCSY in my life and NCSY became essential to counterbalance my new surroundings. My involvement in NCSY quickly grew after the first regional Shabbaton I attended. I have since taken on more and more responsibilities and today I am an active member of Southern NCSY, I am an advisor to middle schoolers through Emtza NCSY and I serve on both chapter and regional board. Thanks to NCSY, even though I live in a very small Jewish community I have many other Jewish friends just a phone call away and I continue learning Torah often even though I do not go to a Jewish school.

My dream is to go on NCSY’s JOLT (Jewish oversees Leadership Program) this summer, that specializes in pushing teens to grow. Jolt is a 5 week trip with religious teens like me. This trip starts in Poland, and ends in Israel. People say that no studying can replace walking through Auschwitz or Tereinsenstadt and I am looking to better understand better what my relatives and so many others went through in the Holocaust.
JOLT will also give me the opportunity to give back to a younger generation as we will be leading a camp for unaffiliated Jews in Austria.
Finally, the program ends off in Israel where we will reflect on our experiences in Poland, study and discuss Torah and of course discover the land that is the past, the present, and future of the Jewish people.

Please consider partnering with me to help me in shaping my future as an active Jewish leader. Remember, no amount is too little. Any donation given is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Shani Locker


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    You go girl!

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    I LOVE YOU!!!!