Learn 4 Summer

Stefanie Kopetman

Hi, My name is Stefanie Kopetman and I am 15 years old. I am in the tenth grade and currently attend Miami Beach Senior High School. I have been involved in NCSY for less than 9 months, but they have been the most inspiring 9 months of my life.
I am very involved in NCSY. I volunteer as an EMTZA (middle school program) counselor, I attend my local Latte and Learns and Learn and Earns. Every chance that I have to attend a Shabbaton, I grasp as well. I attended Yarchei Kallah, a National NCSY program held in New Jersey for five days during Winter Break, where I won the Golden Shtender award.
This summer, it is my aspiration to be on TJJ and experience it in a way that I have never experienced it before. TJJ this year will give me the strength that I need to grow. No donation is too small or too big!! Thank you so much,
Stefanie Kopetman