Learn 4 Summer

Adina Strong

Hi! I'm Adina, I'm 15 years old, and I"YH I will be going to Israel this summer on NCSY Michlelet where I will be learning Torah, touring Israel, and doing Chessed! This is an opportunity of a lifetime , and I will be learning Parshat Pinchas and Tehillim for the Learnathon. I would really appreciate it if you would help me by donating money to help me go on this amazing, life changing trip Thank you!


  • The Buch Family $36.00

    We're so proud of you, Adina, for all the chesed and learning you do! Enjoy your summer experience. You deserve it!!

  • Sharon Strong $50.00

    So proud of all your accomplishments

  • Sherry and lenny Winograd $36.00

    We are so. Very proud of you Sherry and Lenny winograd

  • Bruce Strong $36.00

    Have a meaningful trip!

  • Julie Kalker $36.00
  • Deborah Zuckerman $36.00

    Have a fantastic time! Love, Deb, Lance and Barak!

  • Freda & Yoni Bak $36.00

    Have an Amazing time!

  • Walzman Family $36.00

    Enjoy every minute!!

  • Bracha Schechter $36.00
  • Reuben Muller $20.00