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Abbie Talmoud

My name is Abbie Talmoud. I am an eleventh grader at John F. Kennedy High School, in Wheaton, Md. This summer I hope to go to Israel on a brand new NCSY program called, Israel ID (In Depth).
I will be learning a big part of Parshat Vayechi, with Mrs. Arleeta Lerner, every week.
Mrs. Lerner and I have been learning together once a week, since I was in fourth grade. Mrs. Lerner was my second grade teacher and we have built and maintained a very special bond since then.
Please help sponsor me on my quest to explore Israel In Depth!
Thanks for reading this and THANKS for contributing to my Israel ID fund!!
Abbie Talmoud


  • Adina Klingman $18.00
  • Yonina Jacobs $36.00

    Good Luck

  • LeeAnne Ayres $54.00

    Go for the *triple*! Love ya, sweetie!

  • Daniel Levy $75.00
  • Rabbi & Mrs Gershon Vogel $18.00

    Please pray for us that we get close enough to all the Jewish university students who need to learn about their heritage and they too should want to learn in Israel like you!

  • Dahlia Levin $36.00

    You can do whatever you put your mind to, you are amazing!

  • Marni Kahn $18.00

    You'll do great Abbie!!!!

  • susan koss $36.00

    just keep up your love & enthusiasm for Judaism - we need more kids (young ladies!!!) like you!

  • Judy & Mitch Taragin $18.00

    Go Big Bird!

  • Hadas Kozlowski $10.00

    All the best!

  • Lili & Allen Zemon $18.00

    So proud of you!!!! The Zemon Family

  • Chaya Kranz $18.00

    Chazak Ve'ematz, Abbie. You're going to go on to bigger and greater things in life! We love you!

  • Rena Fruchter $10.00

    Go, Abbie! So proud of your work in Torah!

  • Elaine & Jerome Taragin $36.00

    Keep up the good work!

  • Ivan Lerner $36.00

    Go Abbie!

  • Kemp Mill Optical $100.00

    To our FAVORITE girl, ❤️

  • Hirsh & Chayie Chinn $18.00

    Amazing work, Abbie! From the Chinns

  • Howard Wasserman $18.00

    Go, Abbie!

  • Kris Ayres $36.00

    So proud of you, Abbie!

  • Adam & Iris Bashein $25.00

    We can't wait to learn some Talmoud from you Abbie. Love, Adam & Iris

  • Rowena DeLuca $20.00

    Go Abbie!!

  • Colette Jones $50.00

    Go Abbie!!