Learn 4 Summer

Marisol Rams

Hi my name is Marisol Rams. I go to Coral Reef High School in Miami. I am a 16 year old junior with a big plan for this summer. When i started Hebrew school in 6th grade, I was taught about Israel and its culture. For 3 years I was taught about this country and its meaning but never could take action to actually go because I have a widowed mother and we were not in the best financial place. In 2014 I was offered to go to Israel with a Jewish Teen High School program called NCSY. My best friend was going but I still was not able to go and I really did not think much of it. I still did not know what it meant to go to Israel. I thought "It really isn't necessary for me to go." After 4 weeks of her trip, I saw my best friend again. I have never seen my best friend so happy and different. After that trip she had a different glow on her face. Israel changed her in the best possible way. She had become more spiritual and became more aware of her Jewish roots. Israel had opened her eyes. It was an adventure. After seeing her, I thought "wow ive been blinded by my own self". I hope, G-d willing, this year July I will be able to experience what many of my friends experienced and taught them. I know I will come back with a different perspective on my view of Judaism. I hope other people will realize how much this means to me and even the tiniest bit of donation counts and helps my mom and I. Blessings to all and Todah Rabah :)