Learn 4 Summer

Maya Teller

Hello! My name is Maya Teller. I am a public school student in Houston, Texas.

I went to a Jewish Day School for 8 years up until 7th grade. In 7th grade, my school was not working for me, so I moved to a non-denominational private middle school where I went in not knowing a soul. After middle school, I decided to go to a public high school with about 600 other students. At this school, I met some amazing people. Unfortunately, there are only about 15 Jewish students in my school. I am the president of the Jewish Student Union club at my school and I am an active member of Southwest NCSY.

This summer, I would love to go on JOLT Israel (Jewish Overseas Leadership Program in Israel). JOLT Israel is a leadership program which teaches teens the necessary skills needed to become a leader in the Jewish community, Participants of JOLT Israel discover Israel through a new perspective in order to appreciate its true beauty, They also run a camp for siblings of children battling life-threatening illnesses which will demonstrate the newly acquired leadership skills while also showing these children how special and important they really are.
Participating in JOLT Israel will allow me to become a more active member of my Jewish community in Houston. I hope to be elected for chapter or regional board of Southwest NCSY after participating in JOLT Israel. I also plan on creating a children’s program at my synagogue on Shabbat mornings for next year.
I have decided to learn and read a book called "Relevance" written by Rabbi Dan Roth with an amazing Southwest advisor. This book is a collection of essays from selected mishnayot in Pirkei Avot which teaches how Pirkei Avot and the Torah can be applied to our daily lives today.
Please consider helping me be able to participate in this amazing program and helping me to become an active Jewish leader in my community. Any donation is appreciated!

Thank you!
Maya Teller