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Shoshana Braun

Hi my name is Shoshana Braun. I am a 15 year old freshman attending Robert M. Beren Academy, in Houston, Texas. Ever since I began NCSY, it has impacted my life greatly. I am opened to so many new opportunities and have learned so many great things and life lessons. From shabbatons to weekly latte’s and learn I have learned about myself and what goals i can accomplish within my Judaism.

This summer I am hoping to attend NCSY’s “Israel In Depth”, this program offers an in depth evaluation of the holy land of Israel with learning, exploring the land and growing spiritually as a person. This program offers a fun aspect to a summer in Israel but it also offers so many once in a lifetime opportunities including, habitat for humanity, working with wounded soldiers recovering from war and so many more amazing chances to experience through this 5 week program. Israel In Depth, travels from the top of Israel all the way down to the bottom, i hope to absorb, learn and be inspired by all the amazing chances this program has to offer.

Through Israel ID, i hope to further my connection with the land of Israel and my Judaism.

With that i hope you can help me fulfill my goals of attending “Israel In Depth” and I can begin my journey with your help. From this I am beginning to fulfill my interests and learning the laws and concepts of Shomer Negia.

Thank you so much!!


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